Programme structure

Semester I: 

  1. Environment and Sustainability
  2. Environmental monitoring and exposure assessment
  3. Hazards and Disaster Management (Part I)
  4. Environmental Toxicology (Part I)
  5. Environmental regulation and standards
  6. Research Methodology and Statistical Technique
  7. Spiritual and cultural heritage of India (Part I)

Semester II: 

  1. Geoinformatics;
  2. Environment, Health and Safety Management;
  3. Waste Management and technology;
  4. Environmental Biotechnology and Bioremediation;
  5. Energy analysis and environmental degradation;
  6. Hazards and Disaster Management (Part II);
  7. Research Methodology – case study & software;
  8. Spiritual and cultural heritage of India (Part II).

Semester III: 

  1. Climate Change: Issues and Challenges;
  2. Risk assessment methodology;
  3. Environmental Modeling;
  4. Environmental Toxicology (Part II);
  5. Environment Impact Assessment (project work);
  6. Dissertation scoping & Seminar

Semester IV: Research based dissertation/project work.