IRDM Faculty Centre offers the following courses :

  1. Two-year (four-semester) MSc. in Agricultural Biotechnology (AgBT)
  2. Two-year (four-semester) MSc. in Medical Biotechnology (MdBT)
  3. Two-year (four-semester) MSc. in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD)
  4. Two year (four-semester) MSc. (Agriculture) in Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB)
  5. Two year (four-semester) MSc. (Agriculture) in Agronomy
  6. Two year (four-semester) MSc in Environment and Disaster Management (EDM)
  7. One year (two-semester) PG-Diploma in Post Harvest and Food Technology(PHFT)
  8. PhD in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD)
  9. PhD in Agricultural Biotechnology (AGBT)
  10. PhD under the School of Biological Sciences
  11. PhD (Ag.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB)
  12. PhD in Agronomy
  13. PhD in Environment and Disaster Management (EDM)

Class hours

The normal class hours will be from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm. Practical classes and Library works may extend beyond these regular hours as per the academic requirements of the course/ need of the students.


A minimum attendance of 75% in theoretical classes and in practical classes is mandatory.

Credit System and Examination

  • The semester course credit system will be followed.
  • Each student is evaluated in each of the courses continuously throughout the semester.
  • The university follows the 10 point scale evaluation system.
  • For each module there will be 4 unit tests (both for theory and practical), which will contribute to 40% of the total marks.
  • Final examinations at the end of the semester account for 60% of the total marks.
  • Examinations: 1st/3rd Semester examination will be during Dec-Jan and 2nd/4th Semester examination will be during May-June.
  • Candidates unsuccessful in any of the papers will be given two more chances through supplementary examinations.
  • Examination fees once paid will not be refunded or adjusted under any circumstances.

Qualifying Criteria in Examination

  • A candidate has to obtain a minimum of 40 percent marks in theory and 50 percent marks in practical in each subject of a semester to qualify for the next semester.
  • The unsuccessful candidates in any module in any semester may appear for further examination for that particular module within one year of publication of result of that particular semester to obtain clearance in that particular module.
  • The Dissertation is an essential part of the course, failing which the student will not be entitled to get the degree. A candidate who successfully completes the course and passes the examinations prescribed in all the subjects of the four semesters shall be declared to have qualified for the degree.