About the Programme

The two-year (4 semesters) M.Sc. in Agricultural Biotechnology programme consists of nearly 100 credits comprising of theory, practicals and dissertations. The curriculum covers different aspects of biotechnological applications in agricultural sciences and allied disciplines with an emphasis on learning outcomes-oriented education. The objectives of the programme are to prepare students equipped with domain knowledge, skills, scientific attitudes and values.

The students would acquire both theoretical and modern laboratory-practical knowledge of core subjects like, biochemistry, molecular biology and genetic engineering, genetics, microbiology, cell biology, plant and environmental biotechnology, bioinformatics, classical and molecular breeding with special emphasis to plant sciences. In this programme, dissertation and two seminars related to project work are compulsory for all students. This would help the students to design and interpret research experiments and acquire effective communication skills.

Programme curriculum has been revised (as of 2020) as per guidelines of Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Government of India to introduce students to emerging areas and applications of agricultural biotechnology. It would enable them to develop leadership quality in dynamic industries of biotechnology, agriculture and allied sectors. The programme also aims to introduce students to the fascinating world of scientific research as a career opportunity and encourage bright young minds to go for doctoral research programme (PhD) in different branches of biological sciences.

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