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Admission to PhD programmes at Narendrapur Campus for academic session 2022-23

PhD  in Agricultural Bio-technology  :  Click here for details     ||    List of applicants selected for admission is published
PhD  in Genetics & Plant Breeding    :  Click here for details     ||    List of applicants selected for admission is published

Last date to take admission: 31 Dec 2022 till 4 pm

New MSc programs introduced from session 2022-23

Department of Biomedical Science & Technology under the School of Biological Sciences

  • MSc in Medical Laboratory Science and Technology
  • MSc in Critical Care Science and Technology

Visit School of Biological Sciences website for details

17th Annual Convocation of RKMVERI (Deemed University)

President of the meeting: Swami Suvirananda ji   |   Guest-in-Chief : Dr. H. Sudarshan

Date & Time: 10 Oct 2022     |     Venue: Saradananda Seminar Hall, Belur Main Campus
Held in blended mode (Offline and Online)   |   Details   |   Watch Recorded Programme

Sri Ramakrishna Temple extension - an Appeal for Contributions

For extension of the Sri Ramakrishna Temple, Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur (Kolkata)
Click here for details

and His Vision

“Science and religion will meet and shake hands. Poetry and philosophy will become friends. This will be the religion of the future, and if we can work it out, we may be sure that it will be for all times and peoples.”

“A nation is advanced in proportion to education and intelligence spread among the masses.”

About RKMVERI Narendrapur Campus

RKMVERI, Narendrapur Campus is one of the three off-campus faculty centers offering a variety of programmes from undergraduate to doctoral levels (as well as research) in fields of agriculture, rural development, biotechnology & allied subjects, environmental sciences, disaster management, etc. that are designed to impart to the students both theoretical and practical expertise in their respective domains.

Focus areas:

  • Agricultural Biotechnology
  • Agriculture & Rural Development
  • Genetics & Plant Breeding
  • Life Sciences: Medical Biotechnology, Immunology, Neuroscience, etc.
  • Environment & Disaster Management
  • Agronomy

Quality Testing Laboratory at RKMVERI (Deemed University), Narendrapur Campus (Kolkata)

Quality Testing Laboratory (QTL) is certified by ISM Drugs Control, West Bengal, and Ministry of AYUSH, Govt. of India to carry out the analysis of Ayurveda, Siddha, and Unani (ASU) drugs as well as raw materials. This is the only approved laboratory in West Bengal for carrying out tests on ASU drugs on behalf of licensees for manufacturing and sale of ASU drugs. Read More.
The Testing facility is available to external organizations on a chargeable basis. Rate chart available here.

School of Environment & Disaster Management

School of Environment and Disaster Management (EDM) focuses on education and research on various aspects of environment and disaster management, drawing from the infrastructure & multi-disciplinary team of professionals of RKMVERI and the rich experiences of the Ramakrishna Mission network of centres on humanitarian services for the people affected by natural calamities and human induced disasters. More info.

MSc in Environment & Disaster Management: More infoAdmissions

PhD in Environment & Disaster Management: Details

Since its inception, RKMVERI emphasizes research and practical learning opportunities in various thrust areas, among which ‘Agriculture and Rural Development’ plays the key role. RKMVERI’s School of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) deals with this specialized and socially relevant area of study which is under-represented in most Indian universities. The School of Agriculture and Rural Development is spread across the following three campuses of RKMVERI.

ARD @ Narendrapur Campus

Faculty of Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) is located at Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Narendrapur, Kolkata. Explore the current website for more details.

ARTD @ Ranchi Campus

Faculty of Agriculture, Rural and Tribal Development (ARTD) is located at Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, Morabadi, Ranchi.  http://www.rkmvuranchi.ac.in

IRTD @ Coimbatore Campus

Faculty of Integrated Rural & Tribal Development (IRTD) is located at the Ramakrishna Mission Vidyalaya, Coimbatore. https://vucbe.org/