Research focus of Faculty members:

Dr. Tapash Dasgupta
  1. Development of improved varieties with high yield in rice and sesame
  2. QTL and Association Mapping for quantitative characters in sesame and rice
  3. Gene pyramiding for introgression of BLB tolerance in rice
  4. Development of Cytoplasmic male sterility and restorer lines in hybrid rice & hybrid mustard
  5. Mutation Breeding to induce early maturity in mustard
Dr. Kajal Sengupta
  1. Management of pulse crops / rice crop / betelvine crop.
  2. Organic farming.
Dr. P G Dhar Chakrabarti Disaster Management, Climate Change, Environment Management, Sustainable Development, Gender Issues in Development Heritage, Risk Management, Urban Risk Management
Dr. Rupak Goswami
  1. Sustainability of Agricultural Systems;
  2. Social Network Analysis;
  3. Mental Model of farmers;
  4. Rural Migration-Agriculture-Women Nexus;
  5. Typology Study of Farming Systems;
  6. Technology Diffusion
  7. Mixed Method Applications
  8. Participatory Appraisals
Dr. Gautam Chatterjee
  1. Chromosome Biology of Pathogenic Fungi;
  2. Microbial Networks in Organic Agriculture and Natural Farming;
  3. Plant Microbiome in Agriculture;
  4. Antibiotic Resistome and One Health
Dr. Ashutosh Sawarkar Abiotic Stress Breeding, Heterosis Breeding and Maize Breeding
Dr. Sanchayeeta Misra
  1. Social Network Analysis
  2. Sustainable Rural Livelihoods; Agricultural Tourism
  3. Rural Migration and Agriculture; Empowerment of Women Farmer
  4. Sustainability of Agricultural System; Climate Change Adaptation and Indigenous Knowledge
Dr. Kishor Kumar Plant Molecular Biology, Molecular Breeding, Marker-assisted selection, Plant Biotechnology, Marker Development
Dr. Bhubaneswar Pradhan Molecular basis of host-pathogen interaction, Small RNA and RNAi, Functional genomics, Genome editing
Dr. Anirban Roy Allele mining and crop improvement of Cereals and Legumes, Marker Development, Mutation Breeding, Genomics
Dr. Sourav Garai
  1. Crop Nutrition
  2. Bio-stimulant application
  3. Sustainable Agronomy
Dr. Sukamal Sarkar
  1. Plant Nutrition
  2. Abiotic Stress in Field Crops
  3. Agriculture System Simulation Modelling
  4. Coastal Zone Agriculture
Dr. Sudipta Tripathi
  1. Bioremediation, Heavy metal pollution and mitigation,
  2. Organic solid waste management,
  3. Soil quality and climate change,
  4. Area specific bio-fertilizer development, Coastal saline soil,
  5. Plant-soil-microbs interection.
Suman Dutta Molecular breeding, Rapid genetation advancement, Tissue culture, Doubled haploid technology

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34 Faculty members and 25 students have presented their research in various national seminar/conferences

12 faculty members and 9 students presented their work in various international seminars and conferences


Sponsored Research and Development Projects

13 sponsored research and development projects are undergoing. The fund received is over the last five (5) years for these projects is Rs. 5.76 crores.