Research focus of Faculty members:

Dr. Tapash Dasgupta

  1. Incorporation of biotic and abiotic stress tolerant genes in rice /sesame/mustard
  2. QTL mapping in sesame /rice
  3. Development of CMS/Restorer parents in rice through advanced breeding program

Dr. Rupak Goswami

Agriculture and Society
Specific Focus: Sustainability of Agricultural Systems, Social Network Analysis, Migration-Agriculture-Gender Nexus, Sustainable Rural Livelihoods 

Dr. Gautam Chatterjee

  1. Microbial screening and Characterization
  2. Centromere biology

Dr. Kajal Sengupta

  1. Management of pulse crops.
  2. Organic Farming

Dr. Sanchayeeta Misra

  1. Social Network Analysis
  2. Women Empowerment
  3. Sustainable Rural Livelihoods 
  4. Gender, Climate and Disaster Resilience

Dr. Ashutosh Sawarkar

  1. Development of high yielding variety with abiotic stress tolerance in rice.
  2. Bio-prospecting of genes from diverse sources of rice germplasm

Dr. Kishor Kumar

  1. Genomics assisted identification of genes for reproductive traits and disease resistance in rice.
  2. Wide hybridization in rice.

Dr. Bhubaneswar Pradhan

  1. Plant-Microbe interaction and RNAi
  2. Molecular mechanism of plant virus induced leaf curling.
  3. Functional genomics.

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34 Faculty members and 25 students have presented their research in various national seminar/conferences

12 faculty members and 9 students presented their work in various international seminars and conferences


Sponsored Research and Development Projects

13 sponsored research and development projects are undergoing. The fund received is over the last five (5) years for these projects is Rs. 5.76 crores.