About the Programme

The 2 year M.Sc (Agriculture) Programme in ‘Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB)’ will include topics related to different aspects of genetics and plant breeding courses right from basic theories to application at field level. Students will learn crop improvement techniques like fundamental plant breeding, mutalion breeding, breeding under biotic and abiotic strun situation, techniques for cereal, pulse, oil seed breeding and how to improve trails controlled by quantitative and qualitative genes. Further they will be enriched with advanced breeding techniques like marker assisted selection, QTL and association mapping and diversity analysis. All these breeding and advanced breeding will predecessed after fundamental concept of genetics, bio metrical genetics, and cytogenetics.

Students enrolling for the programme will learn not only theory but also practicals in the laboratory to the field level. They will get the opportunity to interact with breeders in the state research institutes and private seed industries as well.

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