CUET: List of applicants selected for admission to MSc (Agriculture) in Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB) for the academic year 2023-24

Based on the CUET Score & RKMVERI Counselling, following candidates have been selected for admission to MSc (Agriculture) in Genetics and Plant Breeding (GPB) at RKMVERI (Deemed University).

SL. No. CUET PG Roll No. CUET PG Application. No. Applicant Name Category
1 WB09220008 233510029748 Debobrata Dey GENERAL
2 BR13220295 233510230587 Sonali Priya GENERAL
3 OR15210134 233510282141 Durga Prasad Nath GENERAL
4 WB03210384 233510221630 Avishek Jalal GENERAL
5 JH09210887 233510283188 Shivani Shreya OBC

*The list is arranged based on CUET Score

Important Steps to follow by the candidates applied through CUET:

  1. You have to first register on the Online Admission Portal, then login and fill up the online application form.
  2. Online Admission Portal :
  3. After successfully submitting the application form, pay the application fee (INR 300.00) online from the same Portal. Link can be found under blue ‘Options’ button next to the program name on the Dashboard.
  4. While filling up the online application-form attach the scanned copies of your passport size photo, mark-sheets and other applicable certificates/documents.
  5. Once your application is complete, inform us by sending an email to , so that we can enable the admission fee payment option for you.
  6. Admission fees payment and document submission: 
    • Pay the admission fees online from Admission portal. Payment link can be found in the Dashboard of the Portal. Upon successful fees payment, the receipt can be downloaded from the Portal. This is your fees receipt.
    • Download the Admission-cum-Registration form, duly fill it up, sign it and submit it in the Admission office Narendrapur campus along with all the applicable supporting documents/certificates mentioned in the Admission-cum-Registration form
    • Obtain a Physical Fitness certificate from a Physician and submit it along with the other certificates while taking admission. A sample Physical Fitness form is given here: Download the Physical Fitness Certificate form
  7. Once you have paid the admission fees, you have to come for document verification at the Narendrapur Campus Office.

Last date to complete all the admission procedure including document verification: 4 September 2023

Classes will start from 13th Sept. 2023 at 10 am.

List of wait listed applicants (arranged according to merit)

SL. No. CUET PG Roll No. CUET PG Application. No. Applicant Name Category
1 WB09220001 233510002554 Pranghita Das SC
2 JH04210247 233510203714 Disha Banerjee GENERAL
3 WB10210780 233510116292 Soumyadip Maity GENERAL
4 DL01051530 233510114783 Raj Nandini OBC NCL
5 UK06210098 233510152994 Souvik Acharya GENERAL
6 WB10210979 233510141386 Debraj Nayek GENERAL
7 WB10440300 233510045400 Souptik Karmakar OBC- NCL
8 WB10211042 233510151640 Anusmita Goswami GENERAL
9 WB03210378 233510204655 Shubham Das GENERAL
10 WB17210290 233510296214 Abhrajyoti Mukherjee GENERAL
11 WB10011209 233510195060 Biswadeep Adhikary GENERAL
12 WB03210349 233510046178 Sutanu Bhattacharya GENERAL
13 HR03415589 233510173275 Aditya Kumar EWS
14 WB05210227 233510306096 Pathik Das GENERAL
15 WB10212825 233510508856 Debojyoti Modak OBC
16 JH09210613 233510204217 Ankit Kumar OBC
17 WB10212893 233510023456 Laxmi Kanta Mahato GENERAL
18 WB07210009 233510020715 Ritwik Das GENERAL
19 WB11210079 233510280402 Rajat Majhi SC
20 JH09211137 23351045090 Vipul Kumar Mishra GENERAL
21 JH04210250 233510204029 Saurav Mondal GENERAL
22 WB10230024 233510137624 Kasturi Mandal GENERAL
23 WB10210920 233510134595 Pritam Duari GENERAL
24 WB10011208 233510195010 Jashika Mondal SC
25 WB10011984 233510107483 Maharya Mallick SC
26 WB10620138 233510258011 Sankar Khatua EWS
27 WB09210143 233510331123 Rajarshi Dey Majumder GENERAL
28 WB05210107 233510145954 Aditi Maji GENERAL
29 WB09220042 233510195142 Swyatya Biswas SC
30 WB04010758 233510193868 Ayushi Acharya GENERAL
31 WB15210821 233510227764 Deep Sagar Roy SC
32 WB10210938 233510135826 Susmita Majumder SC


Note: The wait listed of candidates will be informed by email as well by telephone to complete the process of admission by 12th September 2023.