List of candidates selected for admission to MSc in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) for the academic year 2023-24

Admission Instructions:

  1. Online admission process will start immediately and continue up to 5 September 2023 (up to 4 PM). Candidates selected in the 1st list should get admitted by paying the requisite fees: Rs. 21000/- (with the following break-up: Rs. 18000/- for the first semester + Rs. 3000/- refundable caution deposit)
    (Apart from the Semester fee at the beginning of every semester for each programme as mentioned above, fee/charges for the field-work related activities, visits etc would be charged separately for field-work based P.G. programmes as and when applicable; Fee/Charges for Dissertation/Project work if any especially for lab based P.G. programmes and/or other programmes would be charged separately as and when applicable).
  2. Admission fees payment and document submission: 
    • Once you are selected for admission an auto email is sent to your email-id with instructions on admission fees payment.
    • Pay the admission fees online from Admission portal. Payment link can be found in the Dashboard of the Portal. Upon successful fees payment, the receipt can be downloaded from the Portal. This is your fees receipt.
    • Download the Admission-cum-Registration form, duly fill it up, sign it and submit it in the Admission office Narendrapur campus along with all the applicable supporting documents/certificates mentioned in the Admission-cum-Registration form
    • Obtain a Physical Fitness certificate from a Physician and submit it along with the other certificates while taking admission. A sample Physical Fitness form is given here: Download the Physical Fitness Certificate form
  3. Online payment can be done 24×7 (which means all the 24 hours of the day on any day of the week). So, you need not worry about the day and the time for payment of the fees. Just make sure to pay the fees any time well before the last date and time.
  4. The last date of provisional admission, namely, 5 September 2023 (within 4 PM) by paying the above requisite fees through the online Portal will be strictly adhered to. Candidates failing to take admission by this deadline will forfeit their admission automatically and thus lose their chance of getting admitted. The vacant seat will then be allotted to the candidates in the Waiting List in order of merit.
    Please Don’t wait till the last date and last hour for making online payments… to avoid any last minute unanticipated problems like lack of network etc
  5. For Candidates in the Waiting List: In case of any vacancy, candidates in the Waiting List will be called over phone and email according to the merit in the Waiting List on 6 September 2023 from 10.30 AM onwards.
    Candidates in the Waiting List should therefore be available on their phone number (provided by them in the application form). They will be informed about their chances of admission. They should be ready with their decision whether they would take the admission or not. If they are interested in taking admission, they should do so by paying the requisite fees preferably within the same day, but certainly not later than 9 September 2023 (within 4 PM), failing which the seat will be allotted to the next candidate in the Waiting List in order of merit.
  6. Documents to be submitted at the time of admission: Candidates should bring all the certificates in original for verification along with a copy for submission
    • Certificate and Marksheet of Madhyamik Examination (Class 10) and Higher Secondary (Class 12/plus two) or equivalent examination;
    • Marksheet of B.Sc. final examination (or up to the exam so far held for those who have not yet received the results of the final exam, which they should submit as soon as their results are out);
    • SC/ST/OBC certificate (if applicable);
    • Migration Certificate (if immediately available, or later when available);
    • Medical fitness certificate from a registered medical practitioner,
    • Income certificate of parent/guardian;
    • Copy of Aadhaar card.
  7. Classes will begin from 13 September 2023 at 10 AM. Admitted students will be given all necessary instructions before the beginning of the classes by the respective Departments.
  8. Students are expected to attend classes from the very first day and those failing to attend classes during the first three working days without prior permission will run the risk of cancellation of their admission.

List of candidates selected for admission in the MSc in Agriculture and Rural Development (ARD) Programme for the academic year 2023-24

SL. No. Application No. Applicant Name Gender Category
1 116952 Akash Panda Male GENERAL-EWS
2 116214 Akash Tripathy Male UNRESERVED
3 116248 Amit Bose Male UNRESERVED
4 116727 Anshuman Dey Male UNRESERVED
5 115817 Antyava Banerjee Male UNRESERVED
6 115017 Anubhav De Male UNRESERVED
7 117122 Arjoma Bose Female UNRESERVED
8 115604 Debasmita Roy Female SC
9 116010 Deep Sagar Roy Male SC
10 114533 Eshika Basak Female OBC
11 115485 Jeet Pal Male UNRESERVED
12 115462 Kasturi Mandal Female UNRESERVED
13 115638 Mandira Middey Female UNRESERVED
14 115559 Meghna Chakraborty Female UNRESERVED
15 116762 Partha Biswas Male OBC
16 116011 Pranab Mandal Male OBC
17 115679 Priya Majumdar Female SC
18 115241 Saptarshi Teli Male SC
19 114502 Shauni Ghosh Female OBC
20 116082 Shubham Das Male UNRESERVED
21 115491 Sk Zishan Ali Male UNRESERVED
22 115621 Spandana Baidya Female UNRESERVED
23 115731 Srejani De Female UNRESERVED
24 114913 Subhadip Mondal Male GENERAL-EWS
25 114809 Sudipta Naskar Male SC
26 114835 Suhana Alam Female UNRESERVED
27 115944 Sulagna Chakraborty Female UNRESERVED
28 115468 Suvendu Ghosh Male OBC
29 115903 Tanay Ghosh Male OBC
30 116294 Tarun Maity Male UNRESERVED

*The list is arranged alphabetically, not on merit

Waiting list of candidates (Arranged according to merit)

Sl. No. Application No. Applicant Name Gender Category
1 115840 Madhurima Chakraborty Female GENERAL
2 114766 Suman Manna Male GENERAL
3 115564 Rami Shakya Female Foreign National
4 115583 Prangshu Tarafder Male GENERAL
5 114828 Anusmita Goswami Female GENERAL
6 114665 Washim Parvaz Male GENERAL
7 114975 Debolina Sil Female GENERAL
8 116788 Sukanya Roy Female GENERAL
9 116857 Anwesha Chakraborty Female GENERAL
10 116071 Ratul Saha Male GENERAL
11 115219 Prithyraj Samanta Male GENERAL
12 116206 Sushovan Dey Male GENERAL
13 114696 Ditsa Maity Female GENERAL
14 115767 Sritama Choudhury Female GENERAL
15 115424 Avishek Jalal Male GENERAL
16 115038 Amit Das Male GENERAL
17 115699 Saheli Bhandari Female GENERAL
18 115616 Ajay Ray Male GENERAL
19 116959 Preeti Chakraborty Female GENERAL
20 117198 Sandip Majhi Male GENERAL
21 116550 Sankalita Sarkar Female GENERAL
22 115015 Shreya Mitra Female GENERAL
23 115048 Reek Sarkar Male GENERAL
24 116219 Rohit Das Male GENERAL
25 116042 Subhra Jash Female GENERAL
26 114969 Soheli Saha Female GENERAL
27 115759 Tithi Das Female GENERAL
28 114687 Tazmin Sultana Female GENERAL
29 115975 Snehashis Dutta Adhikary Male GENERAL
30 115508 Sudipta Goswami Male GENERAL
31 115137 Puja Mondal Female GENERAL
32 115591 Susmita Das Female GENERAL
33 117141 Akash Chakraborty Male GENERAL
34 115513 Abhinandan Malik Male SC
35 116725 Souvik Pal Male GENERAL
36 115477 Suparna Adhikary Female GENERAL
37 114824 Shreya Chakraborty Female GENERAL
38 116211 Bijon Bihari Mandal Male SC
39 117115 Soumyadip Maity Male GENERAL
40 115889 Akash Singh Male GENERAL