RKMVERI has been awarded best All India Network Program on Organic Farming Center in India – 30 Dec 2022

On 17th Annual group meeting of ICAR Network program on Organic Farming, ICAR praised the research being done at the RKMVERI, Narendrapur Campus and named it the best AINP-OF (All India Network Program on Organic Farming) Center in India.

The quotation of the certificate contains the following passages: ‘contributed for better performance of the centre including successful experimentation, publications and development of organic farming technologies for West Bengal. The centre developed organic farming package for 2 cropping systems namely rice-french bean-sesame and rice-mustard-green-gram. The centre contributed significantly for characterization of indigenous organic inputs such as Beejamrit, Kunapajala, Jeevamrit and Ghanjeevamrit, besides organizing awareness programme for stakeholders and geo-tagged characterization of organic farmers’.