List of applicants shortlisted for Interview to M.Sc. (Ag.) in Genetics and Plant Breeding for the academic year 2024-25

The following candidates are shortlisted for interview (physical mode) to be held from 18th June to 19h June 2024 at Narendrapur campus of RKMVERI. The candidates are requested to appear in the interview as per the given schedule. The candidates are also requested to kindly go through the note carefully.


  1. The candidates are advised to study the Genetics and Plant Breeding syllabus at the B.Sc.(Agriculture) Honours level covering Basic Mendelian genetics, cytogenetics, fundamentals of plant breeding- selection methods, breeding methods, mutation breeding, polyploidy, etc along with general knowledge about agriculture ad crop production technology.
  2. The viva-voce will be conducted in physical mode (Offline) at IRDM Faculty Centre, RKMVERI, Narendrapur, Kolkata – 700103. The candidates are requested to keep their mobile phone (as provided in the application) ready for contact.
  3. Please bring the following while appearing in the viva-voce: the Admit Card, Your Identity proof (with photo): Eg: Aadhaar Card, Voter ID Card, School/College ID Card, etc; Xerox copy of the following, whichever is applicable: Degree certificate(s), Marks-sheet or Grade-sheets for the completed semesters/years of the present Degree, Marks-sheet or Grade-sheets of 10th and 12th Standard, Proof or supporting document for any Fellowship or Publication or Certification or other Exam passed/obtained; Collage/ University leaving certificate.
  4. Please bring the original documents along with the Xerox copies during the viva-voce.
  5. For any query related to the admission and viva-voce, candidates may email the Division of Genetics and Plant Breeding directly (email ID: ).
Application No. Applicant Name Date and Time of viva-voce Reporting time
119583 Adrija Ghosh 18 June 2024
10.00 am onwards
9.30 am
118304 Akash Satpati
120307 Ankan Ghosh
119411 Anushka Jana
120327 Arghya Sinhamahapatra
120581 Ashish Sen
118769 Atri Ghosh
119841 Ayan Maji
118164 Ayantika Mandal
119795 Bratatae Mondal
118209 Chandrika Bhattacharjee
120280 Debargha Nandi
119622 Debaritra Kundu
118130 Debjani Dutta 18 June 2024
2.30 pm onwards
2.00 pm
119553 Disha Pal
119206 Diya Guchhait
118707 Hrisikesh Bhattacharya
119546 Kabir Ahmed Sardar
120344 Meherun Nessa
119628 Nitu Ghosh
119854 Priya Sarawgi
119481 Priyangshu Kundu
118327 Rakesh Jana
118497 Rameswar Pal
118160 Ranu Sinha
120508 Rishi Raj Kumar
120088 Rohit Sharma 19 June 2024
10.00 am onwards
9.30 am
119616 Sabyasachi Hazra
119140 Saikat Misra
119844 Saikripa Sharma
120328 Samrat Roy
118606 Sayan Bhowmik
119600 Sengel Sing Saren
118482 Shreya Deb
118213 Shruti Maity
120554 Shubham Kumari
118971 Sonali
120160 Sougata Das
120478 Subhayan Saha
119014 Sukla Giri 19 June 2024
2.30 pm onwards
2.00 pm
118199 Suman Das
119771 Suman Kumar Dhara
120308 Supratim Das
120375 Swagata Patsa
119620 Tamal Jana
119789 Tirtha Sarkar
118627 Trishita Bera

Note: The candidates’ names are arranged alphabetically and not on merit.