Observing Shankara Jayanti – 28 April 2020


  1. Stotra on Shankara by Totakacharya: Swami Shivapurnananda—9 am
  2. Stotra on Shiva/Devi byShankara: Swami Shivapurnananda—9.10 am
  3. Nirvanashaktam—Strotra by Shankara: Br Mrinmay—9.25 am
  4. Prasthana-traya bhashyas by Shankara: Readings of Upodghata—9.35 am
    1. Kathopanishad: Swami Japasiddhananda
    2. Bhagavad-Gita: Br Shubhadip
    3. Brahma Sutras: Swami Vedarthananda
  5. Paraayana (Chanting) of the whole Gita (18 Chapters) in chorus—10 am

Live webstreaming of the entire programme will be done on the day of Shankara Jayanti (28 April) from 9 am. Interested devotees, teachers and students are invited to
join this programme online through the link provided in the University website:  www.rkmvu.ac.in. During this hour of crisis let us all feel blessed by singing the glory
of Sri Shankara.

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Swami Atmapriyananda
Vice Chancellor

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