The Faculty of IRDM is not only unique, but very new, there being no such integrated rural development and management course in anywhere in India to our knowledge. The qualified young faculty members of belonging to the IRDM Faculty Centre are putting in hard effort to come to terms with the variety of subjects to be taught and more particularly the farm and field work involved in a subject of this nature. The relatively small size of the class (with hardly 20 students) most of whom live very near the campus and are therefore work almost throughout the day, give the teachers and the students an opportunity to interact in an atmosphere that is not only highly charged academically, but has an enriching emotional content. The students look upon their teachers literally as friends, philosophers and guides and look up to them for the solution of all their problems relating to study, both theoretical and practical. The harmony in student-teacher relationship makes the teaching-learning process a sweet and meaningfully life experience. Apart from the full-time teachers, the Faculty has the advantage of a large number of part-time and guest faculty who eagerly teach at the Faculty Centre out of their devotion to the Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Ideal. Among these experienced and motivated faculty are some renowned academic administrators having rich academic contact natonwide, like the former Vice Chancellor of a reputed agricultural University in West Bengal and the former Director of National Institute of Rural Development (NIRD).