About the Programme

The 2 year MSc. Programme in ‘Agricultural Biotechnology (AgBT)’ covers different aspects of biotechnological applications in agriculture & allied sectors with special reference to its role in production, protection and improvement of agricultural crops.

Students will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of,

  1. Microbial biotechnology including multiplication of different important microbes,
  2. Environmental biotechnology including organic farming,
  3. Plant protection and utilisation of beneficial insects,
  4. Plant Biotechnology – classical & molecular genetics,
  5. Genetic engineering including recombinant DNA technology,
  6. Classical and molecular breeding, plant physiology and biochemistry,
  7. Seed technology,
  8. Plant tissue culture,
  9. Bioinformatics, and
  10. Biostatistics

Students will also receive lessons on rural extension and entrepreneurship development related to the subject.

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